I seek & I seek to know - to humbly serve.

My purpose completely transcends me.

I live life as a living prayer

-in awe & wonder-

embodied in cosmic enchanted passion.

I am a custodian of beauty & caretaker of wonder.

My imagination allows me to make contact with the Infinite.

With each creation I invoke the Sacred, Holy, & Divine.

I am a receiver & transmitter of Divine inspiration.

My passion is God's illumined inspiration infused into my grateful heart.

I reveal glories of the invisible realm, serving the highest good.

I have surrendered to dedicate my life to my highest calling

-to create beauty -

in the name of WORLD PEACE.

I envision a world that honours reverence for all creation.

I am resolute & unwavering in my purpose.

I am engulfed by Divine Love & Grace.

Creating Luciano Pavarotti's original silk piece in March 2002,

I was reminded by St. Francis of Assisi:

"I start by doing what is necessary, then what's possible,

& suddenly I am doing the (I say "so-called") impossible."

Crystal Healer Dennis McGuire offered me:

"With each mandala - you have painted the Universe."


- I am walking my Divine purpose -

unfolding my personal legend.

"Passion is truth's soulmate - imagination is spiritual grace."