A mandala is a mystic & sacred circle, an ancient art form that creates a sacred space.

The circle is a sacred reminder of the importance of our unique place in the Universe & our relationship to all things. It mirrors an illuminated state of consciousness through a symbolic pattern - making the invisible visible.

"A Mandala is spiritually so powerful - it is a kind of nucleus. Its intimate structure & ultimate meaning is rather mysterious. A Mandala is a map for understanding the inner landscape of the human soul, representing the union of the Self & the Universe."

"It is an expression of sacred vibrations, a path to the infinite, the sphere of the essence, time - space - eternity. A Mandala symbolizes spiritual & cosmic order, that transcends the world of appearances. It is a holy place & symbol of completeness within the inner psyche - a means toward a greater self-awareness."

–Karl Jung

It reveals a pattern of wholeness, carefully balanced with visual elements, symbolizing a Divine Harmony beyond the confusion & disorder of the material and mundane world.

Sacred Geometry is the architecture of the Universe. Symbols are living mirrors of the deepest understanding that have no words. Held sacred for eons - they bear witness to the mystery of creation. They call into being all that lives in me.

"Sacred Geometry is pure universal truth springing directly from God. The contemplation of God's Sacred Geometry has been eternally observed as a legitimate path of enlightenment, both scientific & spiritual. Studying the natural unfolding of the geometrical archetypes aligns our human consciousness to the infinite & the eternal. We begin to see the way of things...the true nature of the Universe."

–Charles Gilchrist

"The Unknown is the magical field of all Divine possibilities."

–Michael Garrett