"It has been said - the artist is a channeler of spirit, through the flow of grace."

–Philip Aziz

For me – art has always been about celebrating beauty. I connect with beauty through my open heart. The word "heart" even contains the word "art".

"Only with the heart can one see rightly - what is essential - is invisible to the eye."


Beauty puts me in touch with:  divine creation & inspiration - awe & wonder - innocence & purity - imagination & creativity - balance, harmony, & inner peace - gratitude, grace & elegance - refinement & excellence.

"Beauty is in the eyes...I say..."in the heart" of the beholder"... ... Everything is.

I was introduced to beauty through opera, symphony, & ballet at the age of four. Beauty lightens my heart, uplifts my spirit, & nourishes my soul.

"It is not what I look at, it is...what I see."

–David Henry Thoreau

Each one of us has a totally personal & unique experience of life.

My artistic expression is a celebration.

I intend to be an instrument of peace.

I happily serve this magnificent, awe-inspiring & mysterious Universe.

I celebrate the precious & sacred gifts of creation.

I weave the ancient into the present.

I see past, present, & future all melting into one...manifesting in the Now.

My art intends to open and expand the hearts & minds of my fellow Earth travellers.

I desire to contribute in a meaningful way to a greater awareness & appreciation of this infinitely magnificent mosaic...called Earth. May my art inspire, transform, uplift, & heal.

I create with delight, love, passion, & wonder.

Art stretches beyond physical boundaries & perceived limitations. I give thanks to all the wondrous enrichment of the human experience. Infinite blessings are always surrounding is for me to notice them.

Years ago, I worked in a mountaineering lodge in Switzerland, in 9000 feet altitude. Surrounded by snowy peaks, I experienced lovely sun, blue sky, lots of fog, & strong winds...but no vegetation. After 3 weeks, I felt the strongest urge to descend to the see green. I have never forgotten how..."my heart yearned to see green". This experience has infinitely heightened my essential colours are in my life.

I believe - colours are vital to our well-being. We wear, eat, & choose colours on a daily basis. Each colour offers special gifts that we "intuitively" connect with. I am enchanted by the endless hues & subtle variations of each colour. I celebrate the blessed gifts of the rainbow - the gateway to the infinite.

"God is in the details."  – Mies van der Rohe

Nature provides infinite magical examples of detail.

Detail has made me very significant even the tiniest particle is in a creation. Replacing a red dot with a green one has a profound impact on its appearance. It reminds me.. every decision in my life, great or small, affects my course in my life slightly, or significantly.

The smallest sparkle contributes to the light. Every time I focus on the light - the darkness is given less attention.

As an artist...I am always at a new beginning. Every day is a unique adventure. Curiosity leaves no room for boredom.

Life is an infinite exploration into the Unknown...the Great Mystery. I tap into the boundless potential yet unexpressed. I am not the originator - I am a channel for my creations.

I have created Mandalas since 1975. They have continually changed in appearance - reflecting my ongoing evolution in consciousness. They will continue to evolve as I do. I experience Mandalas as magical journeys into ethereal realms.

I envision a world that honours reverence for all life. I desire a world where peace, beauty, & dignity reign. There are infinite ways to be in awe of creation.

My creations await their birth patiently. They are all children of the magical rainbow, the bridge between Heaven & Earth, the connection between the human heart & the Divine...the gateway to infinity. I am infinitely grateful.

I surrender to the mystery - I marvel in the mystery - I am the mystery.

Tamarah Rose Antares:

"Each one of us is a magnificent pearl is the giant necklace of the Universe.
The more we sparkle, the more we contribute to the magical light in the world."

Once alone at age 4, I answerd the phone with the statement: "I am busy now...
I have to paint!". It's still true.

"The greatest gift I who I really am. "