Looking back - I planted the seeds 20 years earlier. I was attending an opera - Katherine Ardo, Head of the Voice Care Foundation Canada, saw me wearing one of my silk creations. She approached me, asking: "Where did you buy this scarf?" "I made it myself", was my answer. Then - many years later - Katherine had the brilliant idea to bring world famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti to Calgary for a rare concert - April 16, 2002. Luciano chose to grace the stage here.

Katherine wanted to gift him with a special creation. Her thoughts drifted to me... remembering the silk scarf I had worn so long ago. Now - I had gone through a huge inner transformation in the 1990s, prompting me to change my entire name. The dilemma - Katherine couldn't find me.

In March of 2002 - Calgary Opera presented the last opera of the season. I had season tickets for years. Normally - I use the right aisle to get to my seat. Looking back - I could hear a voice saying: "Go down the left aisle." I chose to honour those inner promptings. Well - they brought heavenly magic into my life.

I started walking down that aisle - half way down - I saw Katherine sitting in her seat. The moment we spotted each other - I could read in her eyes: "I want to talk to you". I approached Katherine. I still hear those magical words...I still get those goosebumps & tears of Divine Grace in my eyes. Here is the miracle.

Katherine offered me her Divine words:

"I prayed you would be here.
I want you to create a silk scarf for Luciano Pavarotti".

My heavenly assignment was confirmed on the Ides of March.
I had 2 weeks to complete my most sacred creation so far. Such a blessed combination - my passionate love for opera since age 4 & this most magnificent giant of the opera world. A large frame to stretch the silk needed to be built, furniture moved out of the way, research to be done, Divine inspiration to be received & decisions to be made.

Via CDs I asked Luciano to sing to me continuously while I created his sacred gift.
The intimacy with his heavenly voice catapulted me into a higher vibration.
It was absolutely extraordinary - out of this world.

My living room became my personal Opera House.
The entire time - 14 hour days - I could feel Luciano's presence & energy watching his creation taking shape. One early process in the design part needed me to keep working til 4 am. Since I know a lot of operatic work by heart - that night - we sang 3 entire operas together. It was simply blissful!!! Wow! The immense power behind his voice helped me finish this Divine project on time.
The silk creation chose to be quite big...11 x 4 ft. in size. Why?
It needed to be "fit for a King" & Luciano is a "larger than life" figure
in the magical world of opera.

During this ethereal time of creating - I found a saying by Saint Francis of Assisi:

"First - I do the ordinary,
then - what is possible & suddenly
I become aware - that all is possible."

This occasion serves as the most wonderful example to embrace unlimited thinking. I remind myself every day. My belief creates my reality.
Also - Luciano offered in one of his books:

"I love people who live their dream".

What an extraordinarily magical & profound symbol for my dreams. Luciano dedicated his entire life to his Divine Art. He touched millions of hearts along his path. What a magnificent way for me to bathe in the realm of awe & wonder.

It was absolutely impossible to accept payment for this creation. Being asked was such a gigantic gift to me. I was allowed to create for an exquisite one-of-a-kind artist who has brought wondrous beauty & excitement to millions all over the world. This project was a most blessed opportunity to show my eternal gratitude to centuries of heavenly & blessed composers and singers who have ever touched & nourished my heart, spirit & soul. Maestro Luciano Pavarotti chose to be their representative - appearing magically in my life.

I still marvel...
"Where did Luciano come from?
How did he end up in my arms?"
This adventure is so utterly mysterious. I love surprises from the magical mystery.

My silk design: I celebrated Luciano with these symbols:

Means "Man of Light" (the SUN is the main theme).

Your magnificent voice radiates magical beams of light
into the hearts of humans.

You sing in perfect harmony with the celestial orchestra.

The Plains Indians have lived around Calgary for Centuries.
The Chief's headdress, made from eagle feathers, represents the sun.
Each feather symbolizes a gift in your precious life.

The ancient & sacred fundamental sound of the Universe.

Your name in Hieroglyphs.
You sang "Radames" in the opera "Aida" many times.

Your voice reaches into infinity.
You were born in October (latin: octo = 8).

Symbolizes "gift".
You are a magnificent & rare gift to the world.

Your birth month October was dedicated to Hathor, Goddess of Music & Joy.

You sing & give with your heart.
Your purpose resides in your heart.

A majestic bird of courage, inspiration & healing.
You heal with your voice.

A celestial & holy balance of opposites.

You love & breed horses.
The horse stands for grace, nobility, speed, beauty & generosity.

"Smitam" = "Smile" - your beautiful & big smile radiates warmth & love.

"Kindness" - I receive your great kindness through your voice.

It symbolizes your noble Self, your inner Royalty.
You are the "King of the High Cs".

The 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The Dove is a symbol of peace, love, gentleness & purity.

Luciano Pavarotti (L.P.) in Celtic Knotwork.
Celtic Knotwork symbolizes the Path to the Sacred & Divine Source.

You shine brightly on the operatic firmament.
You sparkle in this infinite & mysterious Universe.

Symbolizes the Divine & Spirit.
Your voice is golden.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Symbolizes radiance, creativity, ceremony & vision.

Heart Chakra
Symbolizes love, compassion, beauty, abundance, growth, faith & change.

Throat Chakra
Symbolizes the voice, healing & balance.

3rd Eye Chakra
Symbolizes intuition, inspiration, peace, purpose & wisdom.